Bajaj South Africa

Bajaj South Africa’s Journey

Born in India. Loved by the World

The World’s Favourite Indian


With more than 18 million motorcycles sold in over 70 countries, the Bajaj brand is truly ‘The World’s Favourite Indian‘.


From motorcycles to three-wheelers and now quadricycles, from Mumbai to Mexico City and Bogota to Bengaluru, there’s a Bajaj for everyone.

Bajaj South Africa

Bajaj in South Africa

TransRev Bajaj has brought the Bajaj brand to South Africa, and with it comes quality products tailored to the South African customer’s needs.


Bajaj South Africa Continuously launching the best vehicle suitable for the country’s terrain and the people at the most affordable price

Bajaj South Africa Giving the power of vehicle ownership to the people of country with the most affordable payment plans. No more relying on rented vehicles.

Focused on keeping the vehicle maintenance cost at the lowest by ensuring the availability of genuine spare parts and service technician across the country